Bunker CG Post: PSUIC Digital Media New Partner

In September 2012, Prince of Songkla University International College (PSUIC) Digital Media Program students had the honor of receiving Mr. Teerasak Provijit, founder and managing director of Bunker CG Post , as their guest speaker. Mr. Provijit earned his honorable Master’s degree in Computer Arts from Rungsit University. Since then, he has accumulated many years of experience in animation and visual effect productions. These same experiences have prompted him into establishing his own company (Bunker CG Post:, four years ago.

Today, Bunker CG Post continues to grow, domestically and internationally, and to produce many famous commercials. Also, despite its founder’s busy schedule, Mr. Provijit still finds time to share his experiences and expertise with university students; mentoring them in different subjects, such as computer and digital art.

It is worth noting that a particular set of skills is required when considering a career in Digital Media production, i.e., the creation of useful and meaningful digitized work. For this reason, Mr. Provijit stresses on the need for students to possess good communication skills, “especially when it comes to communicating well with their potential clients and/or with their future teams.”

Fortunately, nowadays people have modern technologies at their disposal, allowing them to explore and utilize even more advanced and creative concepts, such as arts and visual imagination.


To further describe this craft, we discuss herein one of its features: storytelling. Storytelling consists of three stages: pre-production, production and post-production. Basically, the team has to come together to work ‘in a backward fashion’, i.e., to identify its intended audience in order to decide on the shape of the story. Once team members agree on a framework for their idea, they then send it to the story board production (in charge of drawing and capturing the story in pictorial images). This team will be responsible for setting up the story outlines, like stories in comic books. This stage is followed by simplified mock-ups and animatic. The latter help in gaining a better perspective on how the scene is going to look like once motion and timing are added to it.

At its simplest forms, an ‘animatic’ is a series of still images edited together and displayed in a sequence. They are followed by a rough dialogue and/or rough sound track, which is added to the sequence (usually taken from a storyboard) to test whether the sound and images are working effectively together.


Sometimes, projects require animation skills. An animator role consists of creating all necessary characters and movements of subjects. People who have an eye for detail and a skill in utilizing application software and programming will be well at home working in this area.

SLR Team

The process of setting up, lighting and rendering or short for SLR, this team will set the mood, maintain the visual balance i.e., adding light and shadow effects. People with good conceptual skill in photography excel in this role; oftentimes surprising themselves and others.

3D Simulation & Particle Dynamics

This role will work in more details to all animated characters adding the realistic movements and flows in the anatomies and law of natures. Simulating smoke, water movement or explosive debris are some of the examples. Individuals with a background in math, physics and computer programming are suitable for this “demanding” job.Last but not least, a specialist in coloring or a Colorist will have to come in for a final touch to the entire tone of the piece. Background in the theory of color, ambience of light and its tonal range without any doubts enhanced the art work.

These are some of the hi-lights in the profession of making digital media productions. All these specialists work together to create the final piece. They all contribute each of his or her parts, in making the piece livelier and more meaningful – knowing that there are no dull moments in this line of work.

Working in this field – as one can imagine – is challenging in many aspects. In many instances, it pushes specialists to the edge; always on the lookout for the newest and latest technologies. In visual-commercial terms, it is considered one of the best marketing tools in reaching specific targets.

It was a great honor having Mr. Teerasak Provijit addressing our students. A joint collaboration aiming at providing expertise learning opportunities to our students, on both the theoretical and practical levels, have been approved, in addition to providing future employment opportunities to our PSUIC Digital Media students. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the Prince of Songkla University International College and Bunker CG Post in September, 2012.

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